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Scandinavian design - a combination of functionality and esthetics

Scandinavian design - a combination of functionality and aesthetics

As the name implies, Scandinavian design comes from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and offers a wide and varied flavor. This design movement is characterized by functionality and minimalism, simplicity and beauty. Scandinavian homes are weel known for elegant vision, clear function, clean lines, impeccable craftsmanship and style. The use of light is considered to be extremely important, as the use of earthly muted tones, natural materials and minimal ornaments. In apparent contradiction with the universal love of richly decorated Baroque designs, Scandinavian style offers an alternative design philosophy for those who want to try something new.

Neutral colors
Muted tones of pale blue, cool gray, white and cream are visible everywhere in the Scandinavian interiors This color gamut has become a trademark of Scandinavian design. However, not all Scandinavian designs are muted and relaxed. In fact, there are some notable designers who prefer bold decisions. Whether you prefer bright, bold interiors or quieter and seamless colors, in both versions you can achieve a clear concept of a Scandinavian-style home.

Wooden floors and stairs in white
Carpets are not a common occurrence in Scandinavian homes, and with the hot summer climate in Bulgaria, we could borrow this characteristic. The Scandinavians have always preferred the use of light wood from floor to ceiling, not covered by anything superfluous.
It's easy to see why this is so popular when you look at the rooms designed with wooden floors, making a room look open, spacious, clean and suggests the attention you need in terms of interior design and architecture Furnishing.
If the floor is not in a white wood color, it still leaves the feeling of light through materials such as birch or pine, or stoneware in cool gray. This is certainly an interior design that will never get you tired.


The natural light - sought and found
When over 60 days of the year are polar nights, lighting becomes an important factor. This factor turns Scandinavians into lighting specialists. Floor-to-ceiling windows are common in Scandinavian designs precisely because of this.

Love to nature
The Scandinavians have a strong attachment and a strong connection with nature. An integral part of their lives are outdoor activities: cycling, hiking and swimming and they take every opportunity to be outdoors. Due to the large period of cold winter days and nights, the design of their homes is as cozy as possible from natural materials.
Homes reflect the love of nature in every detail: natural plants, and furniture that reminds of nature through its rustic wood pox.

Gentle touch of elegance felt in detail
Scandinavian interiors are known for white walls, most of which have antique clocks, crystal chandeliers, curved rural white wooden furniture, white bed linen, and simple, colorful arrangements. This is a sign of a serious sense of norm and elegance. It's easy to understand why this design has been copied and searched again and again, not only in Scandinavia, but all over the world. It embodies a sense of tranquility, elegance, simplicity and comfort.

Form and function of the Scandinavian houses
The houses are designed to be open, spacious, allowing easy life. This does not mean that art and romance are lacking - culture and art play a major role in Scandinavian life but are demonstrated with a simple and natural presence.

Scandinavian Furniture
Scandinavians rely on clean lines and sustainable materials. For them, the furniture should be "eternal", and it is impossible for it to be that these criteria of strength and stability are unambiguously felt in dressers, wardrobes, chests, chairs and tables.

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